The company

Social Responsability

Support for education, culture and sports in Bauru

On March 15, 2001, the CEISA, Santo Antonio Child Education Center was born. Built, founded and fully maintained by Plasútil, serves 76 children aged 2 to 6 years old and allocates 85% of places to children of low-income families in the region of Industrial District, neighborhood of the factory and the remaining 15% of vacancies, for children of employees of Plasútil.

Besides Ceisa school, Plasútil supports the Projeto Caná, a non-profit organization that develops socio-educational and cultural activities. Every year we promote a Christmas Party that integrates the factory’s volunteer employees with the needy children served by the project. The action that contemplates more than 150 children offers snacks, clothing, shoes and gifts delivered directly by Santa Claus.

Plasútil also supports the culture and sports of the city of Bauru. Using federal and state tax incentives, we support a Basketball and Volleyball team from Bauru, as well as cultural projects in the region, in order to bring entertainment and development to the city where we are located.