The company

Innovation and Quality

Innovation is the DNA of Plasútil!

In a continue process, seeking creation, improvement and development of products in their form, function, color, decoration, texture and technology of the manufacturing process. For this reason, with every new collection, we launch about 200 new skus, based on research that crosses the trends of the world scenario with the reality of the national market.

Plasútil’s leadership in the market is sustained by the launches of new products that add value perceived by consumers, whether in utility or in appearance.

We improve manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art production technology that enables decoration with high image resolution and durability through the “In Mold Label” process, as well as simultaneous injection of materials, such as plastic with rubber or more than one color in the same product.

The entire houseware line of products for food contact uses virgin material ensuring the origin and quality of the raw material and that they are BPA and any other contamination free.

Besides the raw material, Plasútil uses recovered raw materials in the production of products such as trashcans and boxes, which are mostly leftovers from its own production process, without external contamination and other materials. Raw material recovered from external sources undergoes through rigorous process of analysis of its origin, which avoids organic contamination and the presence of odors.